Thursday, December 10, 2009


We are Artists located in Tucson, Arizona, creating one-of-a-kind jewelry. While we use many tools to produce our designs, this particular tool is helping to reduce the number of dead batteries destroying our landfills!

I spend one day a week updating our website with new photos of our jewelry designs. This sometimes involves plugging in cameras and different printers.

When I need to plug in a new Monitor, Printer, Portable Hard-Drive, Modem or, Digital Camera in to the computer, I have to maneuver into a cramped space under the desk or, bend like a pretzel to find the right spot in the back of the computer. Usually this results in neck strain along with the connected cables that are too short to allow more than 1 foot of movement away from the wall/cabinet/desk space that the computer is jammed into. I’ve tried holding a mirror in one hand and a flashlight in the other, to find the mysterious, allusive plug. Then, dropping the mirror/flashlight, and feeling for the right plug - from memory, in the dark space in the back of the computer.

Or, here’s another PITA situation: We get a new DVD player and need to plug it into the quagmire of holes in the back of our Home-Theater-Stereo convoluted mess of wires. Our amplifier has at least 30 different plug-in outlets that I am not familiar with. Finding the right one without pulling the whole unit out of the Media Cabinet is a royal PITA. 

Voila! Here’s a perfect solution to make these jobs easy!  I found this neat Solar Mirror Inspection Light at a Tucson Trade Show and just ADORE IT! It has even been featured on USA Today by an Auto Mechanic who uses it for inspecting “hard to reach places” under the car. 

I was so impressed with this Solar light that I contacted the Inventor and told him I was giving it to all my friends and family as holiday Stocking Stuffers. He was so pleased that he gave me a special code to enter on his website for a 10% discount off any purchases of his Eco-Friendly Solar products.

So I decided to share this special code with you. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but if you enter this code on his Shopping Cart page, it won’t expire and you can buy anything, even at a later date, using the 10% discount.)

So, here is my holiday present to Y’all – Use this code: 856VV10 for a 10% discount and enjoy the Solar Inspection Mirror Light, as I have.

Here’s the webpage where you can find the Solar Inspection Mirror Light:
@ $34.95 - 10% = $31.46 plus free shipping!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about these neat Solar Lights.  I'll be happy to share my experiences!  Email:

Ho, Ho, Ho – Merry Holidays!

Esprit Mystique Folks
Tucson, Arizona

P.S.  Here's another USA Today picture of an Auto Mechanic using the Solar Flashlight - using the base charger and LED Head.  No batteries, ever!  Whoo Hooo....Yipee.

Below is a photo of what the powerful Solar Flashlight looks like.  Never buy flashlight batteries again. Ever.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you,thank I'll follow your suggestions concerning the Solar Light.You sound pretty smart mechanically and designer wise. The jewelry is lovely--AND imaginative You'll be hearing from me soon. Keep up the beautiful work!
Magda Gregory