Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Man - Spiffy, Snazzy Personalized Key Rings

Are you having problems finding a unique, personalized, Valentine's Day gift for your Man?
Here are some snazzy gift ideas that will remind him of you every day.

How would he like his Personalized Key Ring? Handcrafted from a recycled brass Magnum bullet shell?  This key ring is different and one-of-a-kind with Native American symbols stamped on both sides.  These ancient symbols are believed to attract positive energy and good spirits.  Your Man will think of you each time he uses his keys.  Here's a practical and loving gift for Valentine's Day. 

We can personalized this custom designed bullet shell key ring with messages and symbols.  Your choice.  No extra charge for your custom designs.

Here are some variations of bullet shell key rings that are available on Esprit

This Magnum bullet shell key ring is etched with Celestial designs representing Life's journey.  He will be reminded of your partnership with him whenever he holds his keys. 

Prefer metaphysical jewelry?  This key ring holds a natural rock crystal in the tip of the bullet shell to keep your Man in a state of calm, and at peace, in these troubled times.  It is made from a recycled, pure brass, Magnum bullet shell.  It also shows that the owner believes in recycling and saving our landfills from being polluted with spent bullet shells.

Here is a more practical key ring that can help in an emergency.
A solid, pure brass, Police Whistle made into a key ring.  This Police Whistle key ring can also be etched with custom symbols.

Contact us at Esprit Mystique Artisan Jewelry.  We will make a custom designed, personalized key ring Valentine's Day gift for your Man.  Free shipping to continental USA.

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