Monday, March 24, 2014


My Humble Gourd Now on Hawaii Five-O TV Show!

I had to share this with other gourd enthusiasts, as I'll bet they will be encouraged by this surprising turn of events!

I live in Tucson, Arizona, and love Southwest petroglyph designs. I grow my own gourds and like to hand-paint them with Native American, African and Southwest tribal designs.  This particular gourd had some spots that weren’t perfect, so I first painted it all black and then penciled this design on the gourd.  I took a small wood carving tool and carved out the design.  It was my first attempt at carving.
I was happy with the finished piece (above) and, just for the fun of it, listed it on my Etsy shop,  (
Whooeee!  Much to my surprise, I got an email from a very sweet Hawaii Five-0 TV Production Assistant who wanted to buy my gourd as a prop for the set on their TV show! It was a rush order!  She said they “needed it by Monday” (last week), so I boxed it up and shipped it off to Hawaii!  It arrived on time and, the next day, they submitted a very nice "review" in my Etsy Shop for the gourd! I was ecstatic!
Since the design has a "Tiki Hut" look, I’m guessing it will appear in a future episode on Hawaii Five-0, as a prop for a restaurant, or perhaps a bar scene.  Please let me know if you see it on their show.  I'd hate to miss it!
I'm so happy that my humble little gourd will have earned its 5 minutes of glory!
Here are a few other gourds that I have had fun carving and painting, all grown in my humble little garden in sunny Tucson, Arizona!

Mischievous Thoughts! - Virginia Vivier

Mimbres Inspired Design - Virginia Vivier

Started out to be a Clock! - Virginia Vivier

Among the Ruins - Virginia Vivier

Shaman's Ritual Brew

I love hanging gourd planters in my kitchen, filled with realistic looking plants!  They are easy to maintain and adds a nice touch of greenery in our sunny desert climate.

I must admit that I have been carried away painting everything I can find with African, mystical Shamanistic, or Southwestern designs.  I made tiny earrings using baby gourds, painted bamboo wind chimes, wood spice jars, and even painted clocks, furniture, boxes, an Ironwood tree branch fetish, a bird house and an old steer skull  !  I guess it's a form of therapy because I enjoy every moment doing it.
One started out to be a clock face, but it became "so busy" that I decided it looked better, without any added clockwork parts.  I was so surprised when the author, who was publishing a book about African Designs, contacted me asking for permission to use this design in his book!

I DID get carried away.  But love doing this!  I even painted all my wooden spice jars and made a coordinating Africanized spice rack.

Hanging Planter - Virginia Vivier

African Spice Jars - Virginia Vivier

Tiny Gourd Earrings - Virginia Vivier

African Gourd Planter - Virginia Vivier

Kitchen Gourd Hanging Planter - Virginia Vivier

Shaman Ritual Gourd - Virginia Vivier

Banana Gourd - Virginia Vivier

Shaman Tribal Hanging Planter - Virginia Vivier

Tribal Banana Gourd - Virginia Vivier

African Inspired Table Vase - Virginia Vivier

African Hanging Banana Gourd - Virginia Vivier

Southwest Mirror Frame - Virginia Vivier

Mimbres Ritual Treasure Box - Virginia Vivier

African Spice Jar Set - Virginia Vivier

Gourd Trellis Tucson, AZ - Virginia Vivier

Virginia Vivier
Tucson, Arizona

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Anonymous said...

I knew you were talented, but had no idea just how talented you were. The designs are great, and the attention to detail is absolutely over the top. Such fantastic work, amazing.